5 Ways to Get Your Little One Excited About the Dentist

Little ones need to know that going to the dentist can be a positive experience. Once your child is older, their ideas about the dentist will be harder to change. Introducing them to this idea early is one way to help ensure that your child will have a good relationship with their oral hygiene and good feelings about seeing the dentist overall.

1. Read Dentist Books

There are many books aimed at children that talk about how going to the dentist can be a positive experience. These books are usually structured to help children know what to expect during their visit to the dentist. Put one or two of these books in the regular rotation of books you read to your child before bed.

2. Talk Positively About the Dentist

Speaking positively about the dentist is another way to show your child that you believe going to the dentist is a good thing. Talk about how you’re looking forward to your next visit with the dentist because you like how your teeth feel clean when the visit is over.

3. Find a Dentist Who Cares

Find a dentist with extensive pediatric experience, who can talk about what they do to make younger patients feel comfortable in the dentist chair. You can even interview the dentist ahead of time.

4. Start Seeing the Dentist Young

Don’t wait until your child is school-aged to start taking them to the dentist. Take your child to the dentist at a young age, so they’ll be adjusted to visits with the dentist by the time they’re old enough to form a solid opinion.

5. Make Tooth Brushing Fun

Tooth brushing can be fun! Sing songs to your child during tooth brushing to make it a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Make Your Child’s Dentist Appointment Today

Visiting the dentist can be fun! To help ensure that your child has a good experience at the dentist during their next cleaning appointment and exam, contact Dental Wellness of Albany today.

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