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Cleaning & Prevention

Your first visit to our office will include a thorough dental exam by the dentist to order to make an initial assessment. A preventative plan will be recommended, where you will come in for regular check-ups to include a variety of treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Designing a new smile with cosmetic dentistry can change lives. Crowns, Whitening, Veneers & more. Cosmetic Dentistry can make your smile light up a room!

Biologic Dentistry

Knowing your mouth is not separate from the rest of your body, replacing missing or damaged teeth in a harmonious way can bring new life and balance to your oral health and a beautiful smile!


“Dr. Herzog is the best dentist in the region. Probably beyond the region. His work is inventive, thorough and lasting. His staff is caring and excellent. He runs the office like a Swiss watch. Top grade.”

Ed K.
Ed K.

This is a caring, capable, compassionate dental practice. I wish I could add more stars!

Michele M.
Michele M.

I recently had NightLase Snoring treatment with Dr. Herzog. It worked really well. I no longer wear a snore appliance and I am sleeping much better. The procedure was no bother in the slightest, not painful. It was very easy to have done, I only had a dry mouth for a couple days after the treatment. I absolutely would recommend having this done. Thank you Dr. Rob.

Jill W.
Jill W.

Today,June 8,2020 I had my teeth cleaned by Lauren. Patient,gentle and knowledgeable about all the new equipment. Three new machines and everything went smoothly. She was Thorough and made suggestions. The Corona virus has created many extra steps but the entire team was patient with me. Dr. Herzog explained new procedures with clarity. The front desk was fast and efficient. I highly recommend Dr.Herzog for any dental needs.

Been going here for 35 years and they have always been great! Front staff friendly and the dentists are on top of their game with the newest approaches to oral care and oral health. My kids went here and still do and now my grandkids go. I wouldn?t go anywhere else. They are awesome!

Dr. Tricia has been amazing. I just switched to this practice, and I couldn’t have had a more professional experience. I actually had to have a lot of work done (I’m done eating jelly beans now I swear) and Dr. Tricia and her assistant were super patient throughout my two hours in the chair, and made what would normally be an awful experience that much better. I highly recommend this practice.

Marcelle M.
Marcelle M.

This is the first review I have ever done for anything, let alone a dentist. Dr Herzog(and the rest of the staff) is truly one of a kind. He was straight forward, honest and very knowledgeable. It’s obvious he truly cares about his patients. Other dentists would have tried to charge more money or dupe you into unnecessary procedures. You will not find a better dentist anywhere. I HIGHLY recommend him. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner. THANK YOU DR. HERZOG!!!

Matthew V.
Matthew V.


  • Preventative Dentistry

    A thorough exam of teeth and supporting tissues with the help of intraoral pictures followed by cleaning and polishing. Prevention of disease is the hallmark of dentistry.

  • Laser Dentistry

    New technology is utilized for the evaluation and treatment of disease.  The Fotona Lightwalker duel laser is useful for periodontal disease, removal of decay, assistance with root canals, and oral surgeries.

  • Pediatric Dentistry

    It is important to evaluate children at an early age for identification of issues for early correction.  Proper oral care is provided to parents and children alike and to foster a healthy relationship.

  • Implants

    Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost. Through a surgical procedure, these artificial roots and teeth are placed directly into the bone. Implants replace teeth, restore chewing ability and improve facial tissues in the process.

  • Mercury Safe Amalgam Removal

    The old mercury fillings are removed and replaced with a better, more permanent solution that will keep your tooth safe and blend in with the tooth color.

  • Biologic Dentistry

    Knowing your mouth is not separate from the rest of your body, replacing missing or damaged teeth in a harmonious way can bring new life and balance to your oral health and a beautiful smile!

Cosmetic and Biologic Dentistry

Dentist in Albany NY

Thank you for visiting our Dental Wellness of Albany website.  We appreciate your selection of this non-judgmental office to serve your Albany area dental health needs. The dental practice of Dr. Robert Herzog and Dr. Tricia Primomo is a unique 3-generation family practice already spanning over 68 years of service dedicated to the optimum dental wellness of its patients in Albany NY, from newborns to seniors.

Deeply rooted in dental tradition, the doctors and staff are committed to maintaining current philosophies through the latest Journals and continuing education courses. With spirited and talented personnel the highest level of patient care is assured to all as we are committed to excellence.

As a traditional, holistic/biologic and wellness office, we recognize that the mouth is connected to the body and that it cannot be viewed as an independent system. It is a reflection of the overall health of the body and much can be done to impact it both positively and negatively.

We aim to provide you with the information you need to make the best and most informed choices about your oral health care. This includes both conventional and biological options. Only you can decide which treatment path makes most sense with respect to your needs, values, resources and beliefs. We would be honored to be a help to you along the path you ultimately choose for your optimal dental wellness.

Our philosophy is to provide complete dental health. As such we customize our treatments combining the best of modern dentistry and complementary therapies. We have found that this approach is highly effective for all of our patients and is particularly helpful for people with complex dental problems, complex chronic health issues or a combination of both.

A long term relationship with every patient is the basis for success. Thank you for allowing us to provide you with our expertise.

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